Get an Instant $800 Payday Loan | Borrow 800 Dollars Today

Get an Instant $800 Payday Loan | Borrow 800 Dollars Today
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Last Updated 09.07.2024
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Everyone has got those times they need cash instantly to handle emergencies such as medical fees that the first approval of the loan is key.

LoanSolution provides an $800 payday loan with guaranteed approval immediately so you can handle your emergencies promptly.

Definition of $800 Payday Loans

A cash advance or payday loan is a short-term, $800 loan used to cover emergencies, unexpected expenses, or get a little extra cash. The loan is advanced before your next paycheck.

Payday loans are short-term solutions to financial woes as you await your salary. They often attract high interests depending on the jurisdiction.

Due to the high-interest rates and APR, one should only take payday loans to when:

  • Suffering through a period of unemployment
  • Paying out smaller loans with higher interest to payday loans
  • Handle medical emergencies
  • Handle holiday expenses
  • You have a bad credit score and need cash urgently
  • Pay high bills
  • Unexpected home and car repair
  • Packing ticket or fine
  • Handle mortgage payments
  • Pay unexpected debts
  • Pay overdrafts

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Cost of an $800 Loan

When you need an $800 loan, it all has to do with the interest and fees charged on the loan to determine whether it is suitable for you. The total cost of a loan usually varies from state to state.

It usually involves a flat fee and does not include an interest rate accruing fee. The fee may range from $15 to $20 out of each borrowed dollar.

While the 15% interest rate may seem high, the short-term nature of the loan makes the costs low compared to alternatives. Following the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA), all financial lenders express the loan fee in Annual percentage rates.

The APR is the amount you will pay at the end of the year if the loan is renewed fortnightly for a year. The 800 dollar loan does not drag up to a year and has an average repayment time of two weeks.

Over a year, the APR is a fairer way to compare different loans, such as mortgages and auto loans. Using APR as a way to compare different types of short-term loans makes $800 cash loans cheaper than bank overdrafts, reconnection fees, and other inconveniences from lack of funds.

A flat rate is also sustainable as it does not rise with interest rate changes over time.

Basic Requirements for an 800 Dollar Loan

Getting a cash advance loan is easy as they are designed for anyone having a job to qualify. Federal regulations limit who can get a loan — prevent those who have a current post-dated check loan from applying for the same. The general requirements are that the loan applicant is at least 18 years old and has a job.

When applying for payday loans online, the hassle-free process can be completed in less than 24 hours. All your need to have:

  • Active Checking Account
  • A job or source of income
  • A current resident address
  • A current phone number
  • A valid ID document like social security number and be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a working email address
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need

How to Get Your $800 Loan Today

Applying for a loan from LoanSolution is a piece of cake and can take you as little as 15 minutes.

  1. Get your phone or computer and head to the website.
  2. Fill an online form with all the requisite financial details.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. Wait for an approval decision in minutes.
  5. Receive the loan in your bank account.
  6. Loan repayment is due on the next pay date and is paid in a lump sum.

While loans are typically paid on the next payday, the exact payment date is pegged on your salary schedule and state regulations. All loan approval before 10:30 AM is funded on your account on the same day. Approval after 10:30 AM is carried out the next morning.

Advantages of an $800 Cash Loan

Deferred deposit loans are convenient short-term credit that has significant advantages over other short-term and long-term credit solutions. If you need an $800 loan, then you can enjoy the following advantages

  • Easy to apply with low credit requirements
  • Information not shared with credit institutions
  • Fast access with most funds received in 24 hours
  • You can access an $800 loan with no credit check
  • It is insecure and doesn’t need collateral

How to Get an 800 Dollar Loan for Bad Credit

Bad credit is when you have a history or likelihood of paying bills late or owing too much money. Many financial institutions do not offer loans for $800 to those with a low credit score.

Direct lenders offer credit with no credit check as the salary is deducted from the salary directly.

A Place to Go When You Need an $800 Loan

Emergencies and situations requiring quick cash are unpredictable, yet many people have poor credit or no credit. Bad credit should be a barrier to getting the financial help necessary to sort out your financial needs.

LoanSolution has a large network of direct lenders to help you get an $800 loan with bad credit when you need it. Simply get online and apply for your loan and receive an intact unsecured loan fast and easily.

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For over 20 years, we have used our knowledge, expertise and commitment to help people find the right loans for their needs. We are here to help you get your loans approved, especially when it comes to bad credit. We make sure that your application will be handled by our experts and you will get the most out of it.

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Fast and Easy Loans Online
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