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Boat Title Loans Online
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People often turn to the crediting company with a request to get a loan secured by a yacht, boat, or jet ski to develop their business or solve temporary financial difficulties. If you need money as soon as possible, you can get boat title loans and keep your driving license.

A vehicle that is a pledge must not be burdened with other pledges, credit obligations, or be under arrest. The pawnshop accepts for inspection and assessment non-cleared imported floating craft. However, this is fraught with several legal nuances, which should be consulted with the company’s specialists when contacting.

The checking process is similar to the case with car title loans. When inspecting the pledged object, the pawnshop specialists check the compliance of the ship’s unit numbers with those indicated in the documents, as well as the technical condition of the vehicle. This point is important as it directly affects the interest rate and loan amount. The interest rate also depends on the period for which the loan is issued. As a rule, rates on collateralized loans start at 1%.

What Is a Boat Title Loan?

A loan secured by a boat is a fairly common type of loan. The classic option is when the client leaves the vehicle with the lender while using the loan, but our company allows you to get the money, reserving the right to drive a boat. The reasons for getting a boat title loan can be different — business, medicine, education, or travel. Suppose that the client has an urgent business, and the financial difficulties will be resolved only after two to three months. In this case, it is worth choosing loans secured by a boat.

Is it profitable in practice? This question depends on many factors in each case. But at least consider this possibility and analyze the pros and cons because the services of car pawnshops are gaining more and more popularity, and their conditions are becoming more profitable and flexible for consumers. Here are some details on getting a loan against boat title:

  • A loan secured by a yacht or other water transport can be obtained within 1 business day;
  • Up to $100,000 in cash;
  • Rate from 1% per month;
  • Registration and delivery within 60 minutes;
  • Receive your money without special certificates, guarantors, and powers of attorney.

Since water transport is often not used all year round, it is especially convenient to use boat title loans in winter. But, then, most of the yachts and boats are not used for their intended purpose.

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How to Get a Loan With Your Boat Title?

Water transport in a liquid state can become a pledge. The loan amount will be commensurate with the face value of the property. What vehicle you сan register as collateral:

  • Water bike. Money on the security of a jet ski is issued following the market value and condition of the property.
  • Small boats, catamarans. The car pawnshop provides loans secured by ships equipped with an engine. The main requirement is the good condition of the pledged object.
  • Boat. A loan secured by a boat is issued after an assessment and verification of technical parameters.

The company provides boat title loans secured by all types of water transport, including large displacement. For example, a pawnshop provides a loan secured by a motor ship or a yacht for up to $100,000. The loan term is from 2 months to 2 years.

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The Benefits of Boat Title Loans

The owners operate all types of water transport, mainly in the summer period, and in the autumn-winter-spring season, they are idle, bringing only losses in the form of parking rent. Therefore, there is an opportunity to quickly get money on the security of water transport for business expansion, improvement of housing conditions, and other urgent needs. Until the loan is fully repaid, the vehicle remains pledged. At the same time, the floating craft is located in a special guarded parking lot of the pawnshop of water transport, which guarantees property safety and saves the borrower from the costs of paid parking.

Our company is a leader in the market for lending secured by vehicles and has established itself as a reliable partner. We offer the following boat title loan benefits:

  • Transparent terms;
  • Loyal attitude;
  • Deal execution speed;
  • Low interest rates;
  • Maximum credit filling.

If you are looking for money and are considering the option of obtaining a loan secured by water transport, whether it be a jet ski, yacht, or boat, leave an application on our website, we will conduct a preliminary assessment completely free of charge, and offer several loan options.

How to Apply For a Boat Title Loan at LoanSolution?

The issuance of loans against this type of collateral is practically no different from lending against the collateral of a car. The water car pawnshop takes no more than 2 hours to complete the contract. After inspection, assessing the collateral, and signing the documents, the client immediately receives the money in full.

The borrower must provide a minimum set of documents to get a loan with your boat title: an ID and documents proving the boat ownership. No other certificates or guarantors are required. A loan secured by a water vehicle can also be obtained by a third party who has a general power of attorney for use and all operations with this owner’s property. We do not require income certificates, ideal credit history, and guarantors.

Everything is as simple as possible:

  • You can drive up to our office with documents for a yacht, boat, or another type of water transport;
  • We will make a preliminary assessment;
  • We will offer options for loan programs;
  • If the conditions suit you, then our specialist leaves for an accurate assessment of water transport;
  • We sign a loan agreement;
  • We issue the money.

Repaying the Loan Against Boat Title

Collateral insurance is a common practice in banks and other pawnshops. However, at LoanSolution, you can get a loan as a pledge of a yacht and other types of water transport without compulsory insurance.

Clients are given the right to early repayment of the loan without any commissions, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, prolongation of the loan repayment is allowed. In case of delay in payments within 3 working days, or 5 days including weekends, no penalties will be charged on the borrowed funds. Therefore, you can get a loan with your boat title preserving the right to drive it, and repay the loan with minimum rates if you do this in time.

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