Payday Loans Over the Phone – Apply 24/7

Payday Loans Over the Phone – Apply 24/7
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Emergencies hit any time. You cannot predict when you will need $500 on short notice to settle a bill, so having a way to borrow quickly could help you overcome the stress that comes with facing a financial emergency. One of the options you can embrace includes getting payday loans over the phone.

Payday loan lenders can approve your loan request almost instantly and transfer the cash in under 24 hours. This is ideal for people who cannot get approved by banks because of bad credit history or issues with their income. Even if you’re unemployed, the lender will consider your request if you have an alternative source of income like unemployment benefits.

Get your mobile device and log on to the lender’s website to start your application. Getting approved for payday loans over the phone requires a few documents, including proof of income. Find a loan application page on the lender’s mobile site and fill out your request, then submit.

What Is a Loan Over the Phone?

A loan over the phone is a type of personal loan you can apply online via your mobile device. Many lenders allow clients to apply for loans through a desktop browser or mobile loan app. A mobile loan application takes things a step further to help people who prefer to use a mobile device to complete their loan applications. You can use either the mobile web browser or a loan app.

It’s easy and fast to get a loan on your mobile device as most lenders offer instant approval. There are different ways you can initiate the loan application process, including calling the lender or requesting a call using a simple application form. The best part about over the phone payday loans is that you can get approved if you have bad credit. Direct lenders in this industry don’t perform hard credit checks, which means people who have been rejected by traditional lenders based on bad credit can get approved.

Besides the fact you complete the loan application process on a mobile device, everything else works like any payday loan. Check details about interest and repayment terms before you apply.

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Is It Safe to Apply For Mobile Loans?

Applying for fast payday loans on your mobile device is convenient, but you must know about the risks involved. Before you apply for the loan, ensure you understand how the site or app works and the security measures the lender has implemented to protect user information. Consider these tips when downloading and using mobile loan apps:

  • Install apps only from trusted sources. Before installing a mobile loans app on your phone, check that the source is trusted and the lender is legitimate. It’s advisable to only download the app from the official website of the lender to avoid installing a fake app that could steal your data. Research the lender on platforms like Better Business Bureau to ensure it’s a company with a good reputation.
  • Review permissions before accepting them. Also, read the privacy settings of the app to ensure you’re working with terms that you’re comfortable with. Check what kind of data the company collects after you install the app. If the app asks for access you’re not comfortable granting, consider using another company.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi. When borrowing through your mobile device, avoid using public networks. Only use a password-protected network you can trust.

Pros and Cons of Getting Payday Loans by Phone

If you want to borrow on your mobile device, it’s easy to get the money you need. But before you borrow, consider the pros and cons of this way of borrowing. Here is what you should know:


  • Apply for loans on the go. Using your mobile device to apply for a loan means you can complete the process quickly. You can complete the whole process in the grocery store, on the train, at home, anywhere. You don’t need to visit the lender’s physical store to borrow.
  • Easy to compare rates. It’s also easy to compare rates by different lenders to decide which company offers the most suitable deal. Comparison shopping ensures you choose the best rate on the loan.
  • Quick processing time. The processing time for instant payday loans over the phone is fast. The lender will give you a decision in a few hours, and when approved, you can get the money in a single business day.


  • No face-to-face customer service. One of the things to accept when you decide to get a loan over the phone is the lack of face-to-face customer service. Everything is done digitally, so you lack the option for in-person assistance.
  • There is a risk to put your data at risk. Another downside of over the phone loans is that you could expose your data to a cyber threat risk. Check the company is reputable before using their app.
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need
Get online Instant Cash you need

How to Apply For a Loan Over The Phone

Applying for loans over the phone on platforms like LoanSolution follows the same procedure. First, you should meet these eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years;
  • Provide state-issued ID;
  • Provide proof of income;
  • Provide bank account details.

When you satisfy these eligibility requirements, the next step is applying for the loan on your mobile device. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Fill Out the Loan Form. Check the loan application page and fill in the form. Once done, send the data for review.
  2. Feedback from Lender. Wait for a response from the lender. This can take under one hour to get approved. If approved, sign documents and confirm you agree to the terms and conditions of the loan.
  3. Get Your Money. Lastly, the lender will send you cash to your bank account.

Can I Get Loans By Phone With Bad Credit?

Bad credit does not prevent you from applying for loans on sites like LoanSolution. Direct lenders don’t consider your credit score when reviewing your application. So, submit your application to get a loan by phone, even if you have bad credit. Your income is what the lender uses to calculate your eligibility.

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